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In my spare time I've been seeing lots of movies. By random drawing I got picked for the Screen Actors Guild nominating committee. To be fair to all of the actors I've watched almost everything. My taste is very different from the critics. All of the ballots are in and the outcome should be fascinating!

My good friend, Skip E. Lowe, is starting showcases at Café Roma in Beverly Hills again in February. He has invited me to do stand-up on Monday nights and I plan to jump right in, even though it's been a while. Can't miss any show biz opportunity!

Skip is very well known in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and New York. His cable show is quite popular and his guests are the biggest stars in town. His new book, "The Boy with the Betty Grable Legs", was released a few months ago and is a best seller. It's based on his life and I can't wait for part two!

More to come…Stephanie........................(For more, see my Resume)